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Recreational Dispensaries in Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI has finally began the process of issuing licenses for recreational dispensaries in Detroit for the sale of recreational marijuana.

What exactly is the difference between provisioning centers / medical marijuana and recreational cannabis dispensaries in Detroit?

Prices & Taxes:

At a medical cannabis shop, you will only pay the standard State of Michigan 6% sales tax.

At a recreational dispensary, you will pay 16% sales tax!

Testing & Product Quality:

Testing policies for recreational cannabis is less strict than medical; therefore, medical cannabis products are considered to be cleaner.

A strain of flower allowed in recreational dispensaries can have a higher amount of detectable mold and still be compliant, while medical dispensaries would never permit it. Many products that are meant for the medical cannabis market that do not pass testing can be transferred to the recreational side.


Medical marijuana is allowed to have higher THC levels than recreational products.

Age Limit:

With a medical marijuana card, you can be 18 years old and purchase.

Recreational cannabis, the age limit is 21+

Find the nearest dispensary near you!

dearborn dispensaries
Green Genie West Warren Dispensary

According to the City of Detroit -

The City of Detroit notified the first 33 successful applicants for adult-use marijuana retail licenses that they have been approved. The announcement is a milestone in the city’s journey toward establishing an adult-use marijuana industry since Michigan voters approved it four years ago.

Following an exhaustive independent review and scoring process over the past two months, the City’s Office of Marijuana Ventures & Entrepreneurship determined the following 13 non-equity applicants, and 20 equity applicants met all the necessary criteria to be awarded a license:

Equity Licenses

1. House of Zen 2. LIV Cannabis 3. Motor City Kush 4. Liberty Cannabis 5. High Profile 6. Chronic City 7. Plan B 8. DaCut 9. Blue Wave 10. The Remedy 11. Cloud Cannabis 12. Gage 313 13. Detroit Herbal Ctr 14. Nuggets 15. Livernois Provision 16. Inhale 17. TJM Enterprises 18. The Herbalist 19. Ivy League 20. SJTC Enterprises

Non-Equity Licenses

1. Luxury Loud 2. THC Detroit 3. Det Natural 4. Jars Cannabis 5. House of Dank 6. SMOK 7. Oz Cannabis 8. MPP Services 9. West Coast Meds 10. Cookies 11. Southwest Meds 12. Leaf and Bud 13. Playa Kind

Since voters approved the sale of adult use marijuana in Detroit three years ago, Mayor Mike Duggan's administration has worked closely with Council President Pro-Tem James Tate seeking equitable opportunities for Detroiters to participate in industry, estimated to yield $3 billion in annual revenue in Michigan by 2024.

"Our goal from the day voters approved the sale of adult use marijuana was to make sure we had a city ordinance and a process in place that provides fair and equitable access to these licenses and the courts have affirmed that we've done just that,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “Council President Pro-Tem Tate, and our Department of Civil Right, Inclusion & Opportunity and Law Department deserve a great deal of credit for making this historic day possible.”

The City’s ability to accept applications was delayed in July after two separate lawsuits were filed following City Council approval of the modified adult-use marijuana licensing ordinance in April, and a judge temporarily halted the process before reversing course and upholding the City’s ordinance.

"I am thankful for Judge Friedman’s wisdom in ruling today against the Temporary Restraining Order that would have again prevented Detroit from moving forward with our current Adult-Use Marijuana Ordinance," said Council President Pro-Tem James Tate. "Three months ago, a Wayne County Circuit Court judge declared our ordinance “unambiguous” and “a fair licensing process”. Despite clear rulings issued by the courts, various plaintiffs continue their frivolous attempts to dominate the adult-use cannabis industry in the city in an effort to leave Detroiters and other Social Equity applicants out of the market. Hopefully today’s rejection resonates."

Not all applications met requirements

Under the ordinance, the City had the ability to approve up to 20 general applications and 20 social equity applications for retail licenses in Round One. In the social equity category, the 20 applicants with the highest total scores were approved for licenses. In the general license category, the 13 applicants with the highest overall score were approved for licenses. Because the next 20 applicants had a tied score that did not qualify for a lottery selection under the ordinance, the remaining 7 general licenses cannot be issued in this Round. Additionally, no applications received for the 10 Micro-Business and 10 Consumption Lounge licenses in Round One met all the requirements for approval.

The City ultimately intends to issue an equal number of general and equity retailer licenses by the end of its application rounds. Unsuccessful applicants for all license types, including Micro Business and Consumption Lounge licenses, in Round One may apply again in Round Two.

Green Genie Cannabis company maintains medical cannabis stores across Metro Detroit - serving surrounding areas that include Detroit, Dearborn, Livonia, Redford, Allen Park, Taylor, Inkster, MI, and more.

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